Service Arts Waiter Training

So many people ask me “What does a live front of the house server training workshop cover? This live in face 1-4 day program celebrates the guest benefits and enhances the dining experiences while raising dining service standards at the same time! What are your service challenges? Get your team all on the same service page!

Short List of Service Arts Waiter Training Covered in Workshops

□ Soft skills like generational communication and managing complaints
□ Proper identification & cleaning: glassware, flatware & tableware
□ Proper handling: glassware, flatware and tableware
□ Flatware placement & linen & napkin handling rules
□ Pincers and pliers technique (English Service)
□ Tray handling; bar, waiter’s tray & jack stand
□ Perform quick and efficient plated service (American – The Wave)
□ Individual tureen and cassolette service (English Service)
□ French service (server serves platter, individual items, family style)
□ Side station and Gueridon (rolling cart) service (Russian Service)
□ Efficient banquet setting of the table (table setting competition)
□ Service clearing & crumbing
□ Opening branded patter, greeting and saying goodbye to guests
□ Posture while conversing with guests
□ Order taking and guest readiness to order
□ Product knowledge and explanation of menu items
□ Dealing with special needs and diets of guests
□ Bread and butter service
□ Performing beverage service; coffee, tea, mineral and tap water
□ Placing drinks for seated guests & pouring beer
□ Opening a bottle of red, white, and sparkling wine
□ Wine sequence of service
□ Wine pouring & renewing; common mistakes
□ Wine and food pairing
□ Buffet economics & Chafer University (Set up & Tear Down Competition)
□ Adherence to Common Sense Etiquette Rules

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