Senior Living Communities

Foster Generational Communication at Senior Living Communities

Enhance Your Service Brand
Lower Operational Costs
Maintain Resident Expectations

Residents at your senior living communities need to be treated like family. Discover courses on managing complaints and generational communication as well as service skills programs. We know that staff retention can be a challenge. Let us brand your customized service skills to exceed the resident’s expectations in a fun educational workshop.

We work with staff from millennials to baby boomers who are entering the hospitality field for just a short time as well as seasoned staff that understand the care and commitment it takes to work with seniors. They just want to be better at their service skills so their wonderful character and caring personalities come out. If they have to be worrying where to place a fork or cup, or how to approach a table, their personalities cannot blossom.

Residents in your community want to connect to your staff. The hospitality that your employees will display after the workshop will please and surprise residents. If your dining staff knows their service skills, their wonderful personalities will come out. That makes dinner time a special time for your residents.

School for the Service Arts understands this fact and trains with heart and hand.

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