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“Hospitality Private Consulting in the 21st Century”


SSA’s Private Consulting programs enhance branded service cultures for executive & organizational success, especially in terms of business development, operations strategies and dining service training programs. Our executive coaching, rejuvenating training programs, meeting facilitation, and organizational consulting services give your enterprise the competitive edge in the hospitality industry.

Formulating Partnerships to Complement Operations & Generate Profits, Debbie Thomas CDP CSEP Emeritus has successfully enhanced the global hospitality training environment.

Because our experienced faculty tailor our Private Consulting programs and consulting to your specific objectives, corporate culture, and marketplace, we lead you to elegant solutions that keep everyone performing at peak levels. Our team is dedicated to assisting you in the areas of efficient functioning, global viability, long-term success, and raising the level of your game.

We invite you to get to know us better and discuss how we may assist you and your team.
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Our School for the Service Arts team are experts in the exciting field of hospitality private consulting. We worki with clients across the country, as well as overseas. Whether it’s our service training programs, business development strategies, team building, management training, or our executive retreats at leading resorts, we guide you with a strong focus on maximizing your profits.

Additionally, we offer on-site events, keynotes, and one-on-one executive coaching by phone or in-person. We “train the trainers” through personal responsibility, leadership, communication and on-the-job-skills. We help you raise the level of local and global customer service in the tourism industry.

Our programs assist both executive management and team members to find more strategic and enduring solutions for today’s hospitality challenges. These programs are facilitated and led by Ms. Debbie Thomas and her team . She is your leader in the field of hospitality private consulting and training. Her team of professional consultants and SSA’s hospitality professional development programs offer an extensive range of services.

When you choose The School for the Service Arts as your executive hospitality consulting firm, you receive the highest caliber of professionals to serve your needs. We will collaborate with you to attain your objectives from start to finish. We offer you the best of the best through our professional team, and bring targeted strategic competencies to you!

Debbie Thomas CDP CSEP Emeritus
Master Hospitality Trainer
School for the Service Arts
Phone 760 716 5509

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