Training Testimonials

Read what our clients say about the workshops.

“Awesome Presentation!”
“Having learned new skills will make me more professional.”
“I liked the hands on skill’s validation and the competitive atmosphere.”
“Professor’s knowledge was a 5 out of 5!”
“This was a great class. I liked the networking, power point, hands on activities and competitive atmosphere… all of it!”
“Great class… Professional Presentation.”
Staff of Pala Mesa Resort, Fallbrook, CA 

“The leadership workshop met my expectations and so much more! The management training was exactly what I wanted to achieve for my staff.”
Rosie, Provecho Grill, Menifee, CA

“I really enjoyed the wine training. The menu and wine list pairing was so simple to understand when explained by Ms. Thomas. It took the mystery out of the whole process. Now I feel more comfortable when selling wine. I loved the team building, the hands on activities and the competitive atmosphere.”
Staff of Village Club at Sands Point, Long Island, NY 

This is a testimonial to Professor Thomas. Thank you. Anyone seriously interested in advancing their service arts career would be undermining their future if they did not accept this opportunity to learn from a master instructor like Debbie Thomas! Keep in mind: “Knowledge is power.”
Patrick Lang Festivities Catering, San Diego, CA

“I think these type of seminars are very important for Haiti,especially in Cap-Haitian where the tourism development should begin.”
M&M Beach Resort Hotel

“The seminar will enable us to do things professionally. By following the sample methods learned in the session, we will save money and navigate to where we want to go”.
Beaurivage Hotel

“The spirit and the method applied in the Events Management session has been very useful in mobilizing Cape Haitian people to approach special events in a measured structured way.”
Association du Tourism Du Nord

“As always, the professionalism of Debbie shows throughout all the session”
Up 2 Date Travel

“The session was a very participative and empowering experience. Enthusiasm was the main engine in the seminar. I realized that it was the best session from my experience.”
Cormier Plage Hotel

“I would recommend this session to colleagues. The professor’s knowledge of the subject was vast. There were many new ideas so enthusiastically presented that Professor Thomas stimulated the thinking of the group.”
Sweet Celebrations Falls Church, Virginia
Event Catering and Hospitality Courses at Stratford University

“Debbie did a wonderful job of introducing our staff to the concept of refined dining! Thanks!
The training session was great and very informative. I would highly recommend School for the Service Arts. It gave me a better insight into food service and how to do things better. Very knowledgeable for the things in the industry that I was not aware of.”
Affairs with Flair LLC, Houston, TX

“I feel you are the best on Training Restaurant Service Skills. Never seen it done before so thorough and hands-on. Great!”
Ms Cynthia Simon, Antigua Barbuda Ministry of Tourism Manager
Tourism Education, Training and Awareness

“Have you ever been doing something but hadn’t had full knowledge of what you were doing in depth? The CHDT session’ hit the nail on the head. I enjoyed it to the fullest and would recommend it to anyone.”
Marilyn March, St. James Club Resort, Antigua

“Tip: Sometimes someone with a lot of experience, who also started from the bottom of the ladder and has now reached the top of success, can be invited to these sessions to encourage the trainees to continue to excel and follow their dreams.”
Vellie Rayne, Jolly Beach Resort, Antigua

“I hope you had a good time in Jacmel and that the training went well. Thank you so much for allowing me to attend your training in Cap-Haitien at the last minute! I have already started to use some of the things you told us, in particular as regards cost of drinks…”
Laurence-Marie Desvignes, “Why Knot Tours” Boat Charters, Haiti

“Thanks again for your wonderful job in Haiti. I would be happy to receive some of the photos you took during our session in Port au prince in order to complete our dossier.”
Daniel Denis, Ministry of Tourism, Haiti

“I want to thank you for the excellent seminar you prepare for us. I was amazed at how you managed to capture everyone’s attention. The language barrier was not there, on the contrary, it keep all very focused. You open our eyes on the arts of service and made us want more. I hope this program will continue. Thanks and we will keep in touch. Hello from everyone.”
Jean Bernard Simonnet Cormier, Plage Hotel & Comite de Direction Regional Nord de l’Association Touristique Haiti.


“Thank you one more time for the excellent work you did in the 3 weeks training and for your supporting collaboration to help us planned better for the future of our tourism.”
Madam Jacqueline Pompilus, Ministry of Tourism, Haiti

“I found the trainer to be very knowledgeable on the subject, clear to the point. She asked questions to make sure everyone understood and made them feel really comfortable. Great Job. You are a good role model”
Elmira Carty, Blue Waters Hotel, Antigua

“My F&B training was absolutely wonderful, helpful and professional.
Mrs. Debbie Thomas is one of the best trainers I have encountered in years.”
Nefretery Marin, Mayawalk

“Debbie is a great trainer! Love how she trains. When I grow up, I want to train just like her.”
Karla Custodio, Human Resources Mgr., Radisson Hotel and Resorts

“Absolutely an excellent way of bringing the message across to people of Belize. Thank you very much for all your help! THANK you everyone for sharing your thoughts with the rest of the class! It was fun being in the room with such interesting people. I am now back at Chaa Creek Lodge getting ready to share what I learned from everyone and especially from Mrs. Debbie, to the rest of my co-workers…”
Denis Duran, Wedding Coordinator, Chaa Creek Lodge

“Very knowledgeable professor who I would gladly recommend for any training program!!”
Keesha Young, Belize Tourism Board

“All the way from Costa Maya Reef Resort, a pleasant day. On behalf of the staff of CMRR, we thank you for providing an excellent service in training. You allowed all participants to express doubts, raise questions, and honestly participate in a frank discussion, covering numerous important topics. You demonstrated the leadership style that other trainers rarely do. Your willingness to participate as a co-equal will make this top-down training program successful at each level here in Belize. We look forward to meet with you soon for the next training session in February. Remember, if you decide to plan to stay in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, don’t forget to contact us. We are here to serve you as one of our guests.” David Vidal, Human Resources, Asst. Gen. Manager, Costa Maya Reef Resort

waiter service training

“She is definitely worth having. We would like to have her back. It was really helpful to me in every way.”
Barbara Daniel, Restaurant Owner & Private Caterer, St. Kitts

“I got allot of new ideas to increase profits. Great Job! I would recommend this program to colleagues. We need all the help we can get!”
Moy Maloney, Oualie Beach Resort, Nevis

“Exceptional knowledge, superb presentation and very informative. A necessity for service standards.”
“Debbie Thomas was a great speaker and I’m looking forward to hearing from her again in the near future.”
“I enjoyed the class and I will keep these tips in mind.”
“I enjoyed the open forum to discuss all aspects of our business.”
“I enjoyed the session because she knew her subject very well.”
“I have not had any formal hospitality service arts training and Debbie Thomas was a great speaker. I enjoyed every minute of her time.”
“The ideas were good, now we have to pick an exact policy.”
Pala Mesa Resort, Fallbrook, CA

pala mesa resort

“Great Class- I would take this class again with my other staff.”
“The workshop was very informative in all topics.”
“It was a good experience and Debbie is such an enthusiastic professional trainer.”
“Debbie is great, very welcoming, and knows what she is doing. Anyone who is in the food business should take her class!”
“The class was above and beyond my expectations. Other industry classes and conferences have presented a variety of material, but none that was this specific and applicable to the catering segment of the event industry.”
“I learned that it takes way more effort to become a good waiter than I thought.”
“As a private chef, it’s great to have more FOH Knowledge to impress my guests and make them more comfortable. P.S Lunch was lovely!”
“Very informative with hand-outs with new ideas. Thank you very much for the class. I learned new ideas and familiarized myself with ideas I had forgotten.”
Pasadena Catering Company

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