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We also offer a full range of Online Career Development Programs for Mgmt & BOH/FOH Staff
These courses are the best online courses available for Your Food Service Operation
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You Saw Us at Catersource in Miami in July 2021 and in Anaheim in 2022!

Banquet & Off-Premise Catering Management

Add Event Management and Wedding Trend expertise to your catering skills by taking these comprehensive special event courses designed specifically for caterers. Gain broad insight into the Wedding Industry by taking a sweeping, in-depth view of these major life cycle events to maximize the caterer’s effectiveness and positive involvement. Complete a detailed venue site inspection checklist. Manage efficient, safe and timely catering truck packing, unloading and loading (again!). Learn to give pertinent information at the pre-event meetings. Determine Event Chef duties from event beginning to end. 

Dining Room Service Skills and So Much More!

Learn dining service proper table set up, meal service standards and proper use of trending service ware. Instantly use SOPs for side station maintenance. Excel at menu presentation, handling and knowledgeProvide proper protocol for beverage service. Review wine protocol; presentation, handling, pouring and wine list knowledge. Learn to be a “Hospitalitarian.” (Danny Myers “Setting the Table”.)

Hi Debbie! “Sorry it has taken me so long to touch base. So many constantly moving parts…Before I forget, Whitney won the friendly competition for the free meal and one of your online classes. We have taken so much of what you taught us and put it into action in the restaurant. The best improvement for me has been the Red Book!  Great way to communicate with each other!  (a few have trouble saying things nicely. Lol!) I’m still working with Josiah on wearing a clean apron!  He has 2 now… both dirty. Ha-ha. My struggle is the opening/closing/side work checklists. I’ve been attempting them for weeks… trying to break it down into manageable quantities of tasks. Not sure why I’ve been so stuck. Might have a bit of time today and tomorrow to tackle it again. Hope you are well… and thanks again for all you help and advice!”

Tamber Dining Room Manager at Superior Shores Resort Minnesota

“With Alice Conway CSEP and Debbie Thomas CDP CSEP at the helm of this hospitality training, it cannot be anything but professionally stellar! Bravo to these spot-on event professionals!”

Tim Lundy Events Designer and Caterer-WOW Weddings!

“I feel you are the best on Training Restaurant Service Skills. Never seen it done before so thorough and hands-on. Great!” 

Ms Cynthia Simon, Antigua Barbuda Ministry of Tourism Manager
Tourism Education, Training and Awareness

Cross Train Your Staff In A La Carte & Banquets

Are you and your staff comfortable with every skill performed during the guest’s dining experience? Our In Face Workshops cover the dining experience from guest arrival to departure. Know the job and tasks upfront before going onto the floor or arriving on site. Refresh service protocol to validate your team as consummate professionals. Make it look easy. Prevent table bussing and clearing service sins. Seize the opportunity to measure the challenges faced by your own company or organization in the food service arena.

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Excellence Begins with Top Training!

We continue to train and are not booking for 2023. We come to your property working with staff around their shifts for multiple days of classroom style training, coaching on the floor, validating new guidelines, and reinforcing new techniques specific to the property. Our handouts become service manual guidelines.

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