It’s All About Service

Do your servers look like the one on the left or the one on the right?  Some catering staff look like they’ve been “weaned on a pickle”, while others are “service naturals” who exude a friendly and warm attitude.  All of us need to take a hard look at our staffers, and perhaps there might be a few who might be better off working for a competitor.

A caterer shows up exactly one week too early to cater a party at a private residence in San Francisco.  It was Saturday afternoon, but he was one Saturday too soon.  He knocked on the door, the startled hostess could barely catch her breath, but managed to weakly gasp, “My parties not until next Saturday!!!!”  The caterer, thinking on his feet replies, “I know that Mrs. Jones, but we always do a practice run one week in advance.” 

Posted by Bill Hansen of Bill Hansen Catering and Event Production