Innovative Banquet Catering Action Stations Center Stage

I am glad soup is back! What a comfort! It never left my table. The new service ware with its wide rims and deep bowls lends itself to soups. Waiters are not so happy with the new service ware, but the sophisticated clientele love it! The eye catching presentation of the Eastern soups is a hit. For example, clients want the Pho, or Vietnamese soup. It is really popular in action stations for caterers, as it has a very low food cost, an almost totally onsite preparation, and provides that exotic flair.

Fragrances of garlic, ginger, chili peppers, fresh basil, limes, and green onions waft up to the guest as they approach the station. The term Pho means “in your bowl” and it is one of the few examples of the Vietnamese cuisine that is not passed around and shared. Soup is traditionally served for breakfast in Vietnam. Try that exotic soup station at you next brunch, with an interesting condiment bar of noodles, raw vegetables, any kind of shaved raw meat and seafood, with 3 or 4 different sauces like hoisin sauce, sweet chili sauce, tamari and add chopped cilantro or basil pesto. The raw meat cooks in the steaming broth as the guest walks to their table, This is a great cost effective brunch item on your Sunday buffet station! You keep the broth hot in coffee urns (rented and/or well cleaned), and the condiment bar on ice!