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Welcome to the School for the Service Arts Group. You have chosen to enhance your career and greatly impact the guest’s dining experience. This course will give you detailed policies and procedures to use immediately.

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Within 24 hours of the SSA administrator’s receipt of payment and the users’ email addresses, a user account will be created for each user to access the course. They will receive a welcome login email. Users may go online and change the password as they wish. Then the user will be able to access the course for 365 days until further notice.

Users must read the lessons, take the quiz and print out the certificate upon completion of the 27 lessons. Users may also print out the certificate for each lesson, or request that the group leader/supervisor print out the certificate for them. The SSA administrator, Ms. Thomas will print out the certificates if the company has “White Glove “ status. Please contact Ms. Thomas at or 760 716 5509.