by Alice Conway CHEP CSEP Emeritus Alice Conway Events

Every person is born creative, and this is a perfect time to get in touch with our creative side.  As event professionals, if we focus on the creative side as well as the business side of life, success will follow. 

During this time, here are suggestions for nurturing your creative self:

  1. Look at the beauty of nature including mix of colors and shapes and intricate designs
  2. Choose to watch shows on TV like the history channel, travel channel, cooking, design, and home makeover shows. Keep a notebook of ideas
  3. Look at websites of colleagues and visit their galleries as well as archival issues of trade magazines
  4. Take courses and webinars
  5. Keep physically and mentally active
  6. Reconnect with fellow event professionals
  7. Create themes and whole events for future use both micro and macro in size

Use this time to create and save new ideas and concepts to put in practice in the future as events start happening soon!