Caterer’s Wedding Trends

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Gain broad insight into the Wedding Industry by taking a sweeping, in-depth view of these major life cycle events to maximize the caterer’s effectiveness and positive involvement. Topics cover research, design, planning, coordination and evaluation of weddings and peripheral events including stakeholder management, theme development, vendor coordination and current trends. 

Weddings are the most celebrated of all life cycle events in the world. Every country, every religious group and ethnicity has special wedding customs.  Even within a country each wedding has different rituals and traditions. This is what makes each wedding unique and full of emotion, creating memories and changing lives. Weddings live in the memories of the participants and observers and can affect the future behavior of the stakeholders for years.

Course Objectives: Identify Five Phases of Event Management and elements of weddings. Recognize the possible ethnic and religious factors impacting weddings. Explore various types of weddings. Manage client, stakeholder and vendor interaction. Review and create contracts including pricing, contingency planning and legalities. Evaluate success of events