Bill Hansen Catering Courses

Take this Caterer Career Development Staff Training Program to Achieve Professional Standards and Outcomes. Are You Frustrated with Your Catering Team’s Performance? Would You Like to Improve Your Operation and Become Best in Class? This Online A La Carte and Banquet Program is Designed to Help You do Just That with Minimal Investment and Maximum ROI.



This exclusive luxury dining course will bring you into the professional dining service community by augmenting and enhancing your existing training programs. This course validates today’s trends in dining room, banquet and off-premise food and beverage service and back-of-the-house training. Validate skills and improve efficiency for your company as well as temporary staff.



We partnered with the Bill Hansen Hospitality Group to be the best company to take an in-depth approach to dining room and banquet staff development. Our course produces service excellence with a sound approach to company culture, skills training, and personal career advancement for front of the house (FOH) staff who interact with the guests, back of the house (BOH) staff that create magic behind the scenes, and management on both levels.

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