Cost Out Service for Large Parties from a Postage Stamp Sized Kitchen?

 Some call it Russian Service, although I don’t want to start a debate about it.

It is quick, efficient, and does not require heavy lifting or too much equipment, such as service with trays, jack stands, and plate covers. Several meat and vegetable servers, each handling two or three tables, can work a room of over 500 people in less than 25 minutes. For example: for the catering sales department, the cost of this service is added to the normal labor costs by the labor costs times two, divided by the number of guests served. This is a good price if the waiters get an average of $150.00 per evening (varies in some regions), 2 waiters at $300 divided by 30 guests (the team serves three tables of ten) equals an additional fee of ten dollars per person for Russian service. Add that to your line item proposal for this fantastic and profitable service upgrade!