Consulting Testimonials

“Probably one of the best leadership classes I’ve taken. Debbie is passionate about what she teaches and her enthusiasm towards this course is encouraging to become a better leader! Thank You!”
Krystyna Sorrentino, Se Hotel San Diego

“Even more valuable than the material covered throughout the course, I found Prof. Thomas’s wealth of experience & overall wisdom provided more opportunities for personal growth than I could ever have expected. Upon completing the course, I’ve discovered that much of what I’ve gained will stay with me for years to come. I simply could not have been more grateful.”
Jonathan Landry, Mesa College Hospitality Leadership

“I really didn’t know what to expect from this course. I learned so much more from your lectures and power point presentations.What really pushed the points in for me were the case study work and most of all the activities. Participating in the activities helped me to better understand what was being discussed during the lectures. The also helped me to step outside my comfort zone and to think outside the box. Your personal antidotes were both entertaining and informative. The should definitely be part of the lectures. The help us see the lecture material from a real perspective.”
Ann Trantham McLaurin, Mesa College Hospitality Leadership

“Amazing Class. It would be beneficial for all students attending college to take a similar leadership class. It improves their leadership skills in the future”
Pierre-Edens Porcenat, Mesa College Hospitality Leadership

“My favorite quote throughout the semester from you is, ‘Those who plan the battle, rarely battle the plan.’ Thank you!”
Mesa College Hospitality Leadership

“Real world examples and relative solutions”
Will Wurth Mesa College Hospitality Leadership

“This class really gets you to think about other peoples situations and helps you lead with confidence.”
Cameron Mesa College Hospitality Leadership

“This class was great, I can use the information for this class at work and in real life. I can always go back and apply what I learned to succeed! Thank you for your time. I really enjoyed the class.”
Eva Weaver Hospitality Trainer, Olive Garden Restaurant

“This course was enjoyable and engaging while remaining challenging throughout the semester led by a charismatic instructor. Thank you.”
Eric Finch, Hospitality Trainer, Players Sports Bar

“I learned a lot of things in this subject that I can use for my everyday work as supervisor. It is very valuable and very informative.”
Clarita Himaya, Rancho Springs Medical Center

“When I first saw Debbie in my event management class as a guest speaker back in 2002, I thought to myself that I needed to have her as a consultant, because she knows what she is talking about. I met her several times in the ISES meetings, and I always admire her leadership ability. I intended to start my own business in catering, and I was looking at the different options of getting there. It was in 2006 that she and I finally sat down and she helped me in goal setting, business planning, and meeting other people, who would be my resources to get me started. Deb is very professional and a fun person to be with. I went to one of her classes in the Service Arts, and her sense of humor really made the class so interesting. Debbie was instrumental in where I am now, that I finally completed my years of service with the County of San Diego, and I’m on my way to being in the event industry. Thanks Deb.”
Evelyn Faelnar

Service Training Testimonials

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