Hospitality Service Training

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 FOH & BOH training; Set up Meal Service, Traypass Techniques, Tableside Beverage Service, Set up Field Kitchens, Bars, Scullery & Event Chef duties and more!


We’ve expanded programs to better serve you during challenging times! These are the only online off premise catering courses available outside of the academic environment. These 6 courses with over 24 lessons and quizzes were created by Gurus in the industry; Bill Hansen of Catersource fame, Alice Conway CHEP CSEP Emeritus and Debbie Thomas CDP CSEP Emeritus.

Add Event Management and Wedding Trend expertise to your catering skills by taking these comprehensive special event courses designed specifically for caterers. Gain broad insight into the Wedding Industry by taking a sweeping, in-depth view of these major life cycle events to maximize the caterer’s effectiveness and positive involvement. Topics cover research, design, planning, coordination and evaluation of weddings and peripheral events including stakeholder management, theme development, vendor coordination and current trends. 

Be the best! Come to work looking sharp and on your game. Validate high appearance standards. Explore the secrets to properly load a catering truck for any event. Maximize efficiency in proper table setting  for any catering company. Impress your supervisor and guests, but also increase job retention as a preferred member of the team. Learn to be a “Hospitalitarian”(Danny Myers Setting the Table)

Are you and your staff comfortable with every skill performed during the guest’s dining experience? Know the job and tasks upfront before arriving on site. Refresh Traypass protocol to validate your team as consummate professionals. Make it look easy. Prevent table bussing and clearing service sins. Seize the opportunity to measure the challenges faced by your own company or organization in the food service arena.

Training Continues! Stay sharp! Return to Work with Expertise.

Trained the amazing Superior Shores Resort team in Two Harbors Minnesota July 18-26th,2020. The resort is open and thriving. Check it out! We trained an additional team working around their shifts for an additional 2 days of classroom style training and then coached on the restaurant floor for 2 days validating new guidelines and reinforcing new techniques specific to the resort and these challenging times of Covid.